Woman Eyelash Curler with Comb

Product Specifications:

  • A must-have eyelash curler kit to help you create a perfect curl effortlessly in seconds. The eyelash curler will lift natural lashes for a soft curl and voluminous look.
  • Simply squeeze and hold and you can get the desired appearance of curled lashes to make your makeup perfect. All it takes is a couple of clamps in the morning for an even, natural-looking curl that seriously lasts all day.
  • 5 extra replacement silicone pads are included for added value. The soft silicone pads aren't just a nice aesthetic touch, they can add firmness and the ability to shape the lashes with minimal pressure.
  • Always curl your lashes before applying mascara. Hold it for a few seconds after squeezing, and remove any remaining eye makeup.
  • Looking for the best gift for your girlfriend, wife, besties, or friends? This eyelash curler comes with a beautiful gift-ready package and will make a perfect gift choice.